.NET Developer - PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi



    Lulusan S1 jurusan Teknik Informatika / Ilmu Komputer / Sistem Informasi / Teknik Elektro;
    IPK minimum 3.00;
    Menyukai bidang IT, khususnya bidang programming & software engineering;
    Bersedia mengikuti seluruh proses tes seleksi (tes teknis & interview) & penempatan kerja di Jakarta.

Company Overview

Advance Innovations (AdIns) is a dynamic, thriving organization with the mission to deliver business solutions through innovative integration of proven technologies with creativity. The companys vision is to become a leading provider of IT solutions in the regional market.
Our friendly staff consists of highly skilled and well trained professionals. Our experience has helped us to understand each characteristics of the business process, so we can deliver innovative solutions with the highest quality services, meeting deadline at the most reasonable price. This is a challenge that requires innovations, creativity and smartness, without conventional approach to problem solving.
AdIns was established in April 2000 with a sound vision and commitment to deliver the suitable and innovative solutions to increase the customer competitive advantage. Within the last few years, AdIns has became trustable and respected IT Solution Provider providing products and services that notably have the most functional features in its category.

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